Happy 2014!


It’s 2014, the time when everyone makes resolutions. My resolution this year is to have more fun making art. I always thought I had “no style” as an illustrator. But if you look at my doodles you will see the same silly characters popping up on the page. I never thought much of these doodles. Then I decided to paint them. To have fun. To make things that explore my imagination. And I’m sharing some tonight.


My first belly painting!


Today I had the fun experience of painting my first belly!   My friend and Yoga instructor Amanda from Dragonfly Wellness Studio.  We met up this morning and set to work.  This was one of the most challenging jobs for me because my kiddo was hanging off of my arm most of the time I was painting.  I wish I had more time to put the finishing touches on this piece but all in all I spent about an hour.



This piece was done entirely with the Wolfe Hydrocolor Essential Palette.

I can’t wait to paint some more bellies!  It’s the most space I have gotten to work with since I started face painting!

I have to add this picture Amanda took while I was painting, it’s awesome!


More Who Fan Art


Sometimes I forget how much I like Christopher Eccleson as The Doctor. He can be so creepy and then so goofy.  This is a quick sketch of him.  He has a wonderful nose.  I went with a neutral warm grey for the background and kept everything kind of earthy.  I may go back into it because the closer eye is a little wonky(and I think the mole is on the wrong side! I reversed the whole thing and forgot!)


Also, next fan art I’m doing is….CUMBERBATCH10small

Fan Art: Dr. Who


You may or may not know I am a trained artist.  I did an undergrad in illustration, 1 year in an academic style painting school and I have an MFA.  Art (for me) is (mostly) serious business.  So it’s kind of…intimidating for me to make fan art.  But in an effort to create MORE and have more fun and do what I love I am taking a leap and making some fan art.

So, here is a a sketch of the 11th Doctor, done in Painter 12 in about 1.5 hours.  I work with the reference photo on one screen and my painting on the other.  Matt Smith has one of those wonderful craggy faces that is so fun to paint.  I did a sketch of Clara too but she got too mushy and I need to start over.  The challenge is finding the right reference material.drskecth_copyright

Easter Bunny


As I was getting ready for Easter this year I felt the urge to buy the kiddo a new stuffed animal.  She has A LOT of stuffed animals and she loves them dearly.  I decided that rather than dish out the 12$ for a stuffed rabbit it would be really fun to make her one.  And then, finding this awesome (free!!) pattern for Jack Rabbit Softie from The Mary Frances Project Blog sealed the deal.


Me and sewing don’t always get along.  See, with knitting I always know what is going to happen.  But with sewing I think everything is going swimmingly and then WHOOPS the bobbin was out of place!  Or, as in the case of this project, the iron spewed brown guck all over my first attempt!  Let’s just say, I often get flustered and frustrated when I sew and my ever patient husband takes over, fixes everything, and hands it back.  Lest you think I am some kind of crafting goddess…know that many of my  projects have his help!  He sewed and stuffed the feet on this bunny.  That part went  a bit over my (still getting over the stomach bug AND head cold) head.

This project taught me to use my zigzag stitch decoratively, which I hadn’t done before.  I am really happy with how she came out and I can’t wait to put her in the basket tomorrow!  She’s not perfect, but that’s why we make things, right?  Those little bumps and wrinkles are “extra love”.


All the materials for this project are from the wonderful store Home Made in Clermont New Jersey.  Yay for awesome local crafty spots!!!

It’s a new year!


So a little thing happened since my last post…I got a day job!  Needless to say I have been a little busy.  I am also teaching a still life class, chasing a toddler, and trying to make time to create.

Here is a piece I made over the holidays for a housewarming gift for our friends Kate and Mickey.  Their house is unbelievable, like a magazine.  It’s a beachy-chic loft with high ceilings and it is totally fabulous.  You should also check out Kate’s music. Her lullabies are just perfect.

Anyway, they also have a beautiful baby, Ella, the subject of this painting.  She has such soulful eyes!  This portrait is soft pastel on Wallis paper.  I wish I could work with pastel more often.  I love the way it grips the paper and the effects I can get.  The camera cannot capture the beauty of this medium.


I hope 2013 brings me more time and opportunities to create!  Coming soon, some Dr. Who fan art.  FOR REAL.

Sketch of the day: Person!


I really did not want to sketch today.  I started a new job and I am feeling stretched thin.  However, I started playing with a new brush in Corel and it was really fun.  I’m also trying to work in layers more which could be really useful for teaching to show my process. This picture is done with the “real soft pastel” brush.  I love how I can make veils of color, just like with real pastels!  I like to sneak in sneaky colors that you might not expect.

Oh and I also painted my favorite subject in the world.  I could look at this face all day.  (Although I didn’t really capture her cuteness, this was a good exercise.


Also, I know these files are kinda big, but you need to be able to zoom in a bit.  The paintings look better a little bit up close.